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Our Services

Cleaning & Waste Services

To ensure that all designated office/location are kept clean. We believe the environment should have a pleasant appearance. Read more »

Fumigation & Pest Control

Preventive pest control services are provided to offices and locations on a planned basis in order to maintain a pest free environment evident. Read more »

Electrical & Power Distrbution

Electrical systems, transformers, HT and LT installations shall be operated and maintained to ensure their operational efficiency Read more »

Plumbering Services

All water sanitary sewers, water coolers, water heaters, water closets, lavatories and other plumbing fixtures are maintained to ensure proper operation and leak free condition. Read more »

Waste Management

We manage waste disposal within the entire building in line with statutory requirement. Read more »

Horticulture & Landscaping

CILS is able to provide clients with a fully tailored grounds maintenance service, from a simple regular mowing facility right through Read more »